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world champion ATIBOX FH 2014      CARAT BOSIM FH2 96 Punkte.

FRANCO BOSIM FH1 85b. 2 Platz


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Black - 12 let




B + H Simandl welcome you to the web pages of kennel BOSIM

Our kennel is oriented to the breeding and training of the german boxer. We hope to breed healthy puppies with good temperaments. Litter A was born in 2003, litter B in 2005, litter C in 2007, litter D in 2008, litters E and F in 2010, litters G in 2011, litters H in 2013 and in 2015 litters I.

The founding dog and bitch of our kennel were Buc del Pasquino and Iris z Dybohurky.

Our main goal is top notch training.

We mostly train at the training clubs Stromovka.

We compete at national  qualifying trials for the boxer. We have represented the Czech Republic at the world championships for the Boxer and we compete with our dogs in national as well as international competitions.

We are members of the Boxer Club CR ÚP Louny.

Good supportive friends are the base for good training.


IRIS BOSIM *2015                               (Fergie Bosim - Neos vom Regfeld)



CORLI BOSIM *2007                                (Buc del Pasquino - Iris z Dybohůrky)

Titles:  BH, IPO-V, Upr1, Spr1, SPr2, Fpr1

ZTP 3, SA 0, DKK 0/0

ENGIE BOSIM *2010                           (Bessy Bosim - Valente D ´Epect Center)

Titles: BH, Upr1, Spr1, Spr1, IPOV


ZTP 5, DKK 0/0, SA 0 ( BK ČR)

FERGIE BOSIM *2010                               (Corli Bosim - Valente D ´Epect Center)



ZTP5, DKK 0/0, SA 1 ( BK ČR)

 In Rememberance

GRAND NA LADÁCH  + 1996        

Titles:  10 Titles

Trials: 142 trials in ZVV2 (52 x 1st place, 78 x 3rd place), 11 national championships in ZVV3 (2 x 1st place, 1 x 2nd place, 1 x 3rd place), regional qualifier


LORD ZE STROMKOVIC + 1996               (Peer Nassau-Oranien - Fatima ze Stromkovic CS)

Titles:  10 trials (2 of them in upper echelons)

Trials: Word Championship Atibox 1992 SchH 1 – 1st place, World Championship Atibox SchH2 – 9th place, World Championship Atibox 1994 SchH3 – 2nd place, National Boxer Championship 1994 – 1st place, CACIT Prague 1994 – 16th place (best obedience), World Championship Atibox 1995 SchH3 – 6th place, Silver collar 1995 – 1st place, CACT title


BUC DEL PASQUINO + 2008             (Quaste van de Hazenberg - Arcadia)

Titles:  IPO3, SchH3, SchHA, BH, ZM, ZVV1, ZPS1

Trials: World Championship 2004 IPO3 - 2 place 2005,  World Championship FH category 1 - 1. place, 4 times participant of world championships at Atibox, world vice-champion Atibox 2004 in IPO3, winner FH1 championships Atibox FH, tracking score and highest scoring Czech participant at world championship at Atibox, best tracking dog and best Czech participant at Atibox 2004, 2nd best tracking score at world championship Atibox 2005, participant at the FCI team all breed selection trial in Blovicich in 2003


ZTP 5, SA 0, DKK 0/0


Iris z Dybohůrky + 2007                      (Adan de Zizur - Wendy z Dybohůrky)

Titles:  IPO3, BH, VPG A, VPG 1

Trials: World championship FH1 2001 – 5th place,  world championship Atibox 2002 IPO1 – 1st place, winner Justitzova Memorial Trial in IPO1 and IPO3, Silver Collar IPO3- 2nd place, Moravia Cup – 1st place, National Championships 2006 – 3rd place, All Around Dog Zbraslavi – 4th place, World Championship Atibox 2006  IPO3 – 8th place.

ZTP 5, SA 1

ART BOSIM + 2009                                    (Buc del Pasquino - Iris z Dybohůrky) 

Titles:  BH, IPO2, SchH A,  ZVV1

Trials: World Championship FH 2005 category 1 – 2nd place - 95 points, Justitzova Memorial 2008 ZVV1 – 1st place ( 94, 87, 88 )

ZTP 6, SA 1

SORBON bez PP + 2005

Titles:  ZM, ZVV1, ZVV2, ZPS1, OP1

Trials: Branicky Cup 1997 ZVV2 – 2nd place, Branicky Cup 1998  ZVV2 – 1st place, qualifying Junior handler trial 1998 – qualifier for National Junior handler championship ZVV2,    J. Trpisovske Memorial Trial ZM – 3rd place

BESSY BOSIM +2005                                (Buc del Pasquino - Iris z Dybohůrky)

Titles: FPr , BH, IPO-V, IPO1, ZVV1, IPO2, Spr1, Fpr2

Trials: VPZ 2010 - 5. Place

ZTP 5, SA 0, DKK 0/0